The health benefits of nature-based experiences

Without doubt humanity is part of the more than human world and we are currently doing to ourselves what we did to the tiger many years ago. We are caging ourselves and wondering why we are pacing up and down and why we are suffering. The health benefits of nature-based experiences are well documented now. The real question is how does nature benefit health. is it important to undertake a wilderness expedition or is it fine to have a plant that we look after. Why are so many people switching off from experiences such as gardening, walking in the park and so on? Why do I seem to speak to so many people who are more interested in computer games than being outside? Why is it that these very intelligent people describe their computer experiences in terms of relaxation, stress relief and so forth? Is nature really that beneficial after all or is it just one of many distractors that provide mental relief?
Of course, in my opinion anyway, the research is clear that nature does provide benefits in its own right. While many of us may be exploring the idea of ‘what is nature anyway,’ and how do we relate with nature It is important that we present a testable model to explore the how question .. A model that can be used to test ideas and concepts, that allows for all the myriad and complex possibilities and relationships …. This is where Ecological Dynamics comes in ….

More later


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