Fear is good for your health

In an article published a couple of years ago we proposed that despite being labelled as unpleasant fear could actually be good for you. It is after all just one more emotion, something that provides information that invites a response of some kind. We can either interpret this as bad and react accordingly or on the other hand we could see this as good and as important information. I the first instance we are supposed to be preventing far and avoiding it, perhaps even finding ways to no longer feel fear. Yu may even recognise this as being part of many pop psychology programmes. If we interpret the experience in the second way then fear becomes information like any other information, something that tells us to take the experience seriously. We may then make sure that were really prepared, hat we are ready for the experience, that we have the skills, that the environment is right and so forth.
It is this second aspect that interests me today. I was walking in the woods the other day with my family. We spotted all sorts of wonderful creatures not usually found in an English wood. We saw Tiger pug marks and tracked them for a while and were sure that a Tiger was following us. We came across baby elephant dung, although it could have been rhino? At one stage we even came across an eight foot tall Yeti cunningly disguised as a bush. After about an hour of this my eleven year old son started a conversation about fear. I have been thinking he said about how to see fear, you could use the letters as a memory. F for feeling (are you feeling alright), E for expertise (do you have the right expertise)’ A for Assess the environment (is the environment supportive) and R for right time (even if you assess your attitude, capabilities and the environment as positive, is it the right time?). We then proceeded to see how it might work in a variety of contexts … we were happy with it.
What a wonderful start !!

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