The extraordinary nature of extreme sports


Taking a phenomenological approach to research really does open up new and interesting notions. The idea that extreme sports are just about risk is very quickly proving to be a difficult notion to define, rather like building a castle of sand. A more nuanced research program is starting to show that extreme sports have unique qualities in that they involve physical prowess as well as a particular attitude towards the world and the self. Participants who engage in extreme activities such as BASE jumping, big wave surfing, extreme skiing, waterfall kayaking, extreme mountaineering, and solo rope free climbing enjoy experiences that are far outside of normal everyday experiences and yet open to any of us if we choose to participate. You do not need a special kind of personality but you do need commitment, tenacity and a profound knowledge of self, the natural world and the activity. Participation opens up all sorts of extraordinary experiences many of which are beyond the capacity of words to describe bit are non-the-less important and real. In our lasts paper we outline the ineffable experiences in extreme sports, those that point to a deep sense of out place in the world. The findings provide a valuable insight into the experiences of the participants and contribute to our understanding of human volition and the range of human experiences.


The article will be published in 2017 a special edition of Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice. I will keep you posted when I know more.

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